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Workplace of the Future

We are living in a super dynamic world, where things and modes of doing things change every day. As a result of the robust use and application of the Internet, so much in our offices and workplaces have changed drastically. Otherwise regarded as the emerging trends, these tendencies cut across the board from communication, administration, executive, operations just to mention but a few of all departments in the workplace. 

effective workplace communication

Emerging communication issues in the workplace

It is one thing to have communication in the workplace and is another to have effective communication in the workplace. The latter is the desired form of communication, as it allows things and works to move swiftly within and without the workplace. Before even thinking of how the business communicates with the outside world, it is important to have the internal communication model at check. This includes, not only having a good, workable communication strategy but one, which is at per with the external technological wave. Below are some of the emerging workplace communication tendencies that are common to most companies regardless of their sizes:

1.Video conferencing

Gone are the days when a lot of resources and time was wasted moving from one place to another for meetings. Teleconferencing is one of the internal communication ideas that has been widely adopted by many companies. With good Internet, meetings are held by several people within the company without really having to convene in the boardroom. The good thing is that there is no space for non-agenda talk, hence effective strictly business communication.

2.Online work platforms

This is where employees in a company are able to work from different physical locations but on the same online workspace. Use of the same database allows collaboration in undertaking duties and increases employees’ engagement in the happenings of the company. This allows access to information to everyone related to that piece of work. This makes employees feel being part of the company and this translates into productivity.

3.Social Internet applications

With social media taking up everything in business communication, especially advertising, companies are taking advantage of the situation and coming up with customized social platforms. They feature known social platforms, for instance, Facebook, and hence employees find it easier to engage, share and communicate. This makes the company a large free community for everyone, making it easy to communicate.

4.Chat networks

Today the different technological systems and networks being used by companies have the ability to have in them chat options, whereby anyone in the network can send a message in the course of work. The chats show up as part of the work screen display and there are pop-ups of incoming chats. This has reduced the time wasted making calls, not to mention the disruption cased by the same and as a result, improving communication in the workplace.

Therefore, it is advisable to embrace the new communication technology and master how to use it to advance and develop communication skills among workers as this determines the productivity of the company, and hence placing you in a good place against the high competition in your industry.

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