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DeskAlerts Network Messaging Software is Ideal for Large Organizations such as Universities and Colleges

Improve communication between faculty, staff and students with The DeskAlerts Network Messaging Software.

The prominence of sophisticated mobile phones and other related devices benefit faculty, staff and students with better access to information and communication methods.
The communication and messaging landscape is an ever-evolving entity and has resulted in:

    • Changing expectations of institutions of higher learning
    • Collaborative and multi-faceted communication experiences
    • Messaging capabilities at all levels of campus life
    • New options for sourcing

campus alert desktop internal communication

In addition to these aspects, an ever increasing number of institutions are seeking answers to numerous questions. When is outsourcing e-mail services appropriate? What types of services are available for better mobile access as well as standard desktop network messaging? What emergency notification services will reach the campus and surrounding community in the most effective manner? These areas can be addressed with high quality network messaging software such as that provided by DeskAlerts.

Why Should Campuses Implement DeskAlerts Network Messaging Software?

The most significant reason for implementing DeskAlerts network messaging software on offline and online campuses is its level of cost-effectiveness and efficiency. It is an ideal method used for delivering desktop alerts and messages, e-mail notifications, and SMS (short message services) throughout any campus. Routine alerts can be scheduled to occur on a fixed date and at a fixed time in the future whether those alerts need to be delivered to alumni, faculty, parents, staff members, or students.

Additionally, it ensures that everyone on the campus is on the same page regarding any critical data or information. It is highly effective for notifying anyone regarding:

  • Campus news
  • Changes in hours of school operations
  • Downtime of IT systems
  • Emergency weather advisories
  • Fire drills
  • School closures
  • Terrorism alerts
  • Upcoming events

Use DeskAlerts to Get the Message out Efficiently and Cost-Effectively!

Nothing plays a more critical role in how most industries operate than what communication does. In short, communication is literally the most important key to every industry’s success, and the field of higher learning is no exception to that rule. Institutions today need better electronic means of communicating, which is an issue that high quality network messaging software solves.

There are several key elements that need to be dealt with regarding an institution of higher learning’s communication methodology, including:

  • Communicators being aware of and sensitive to the faculty’s, staff’s, and students’ preferences where any communication technology is concerned.
  • student desktop notifications
  • A significant improvement in all official communications.
  • Improving the support infrastructure for all levels of communication.

DeskAlerts network messaging software plays a significant role in solving these issues no matter what the circumstances are – expected or unexpected. It can be deployed to every faculty and staff workstation as well as every student desktop being used on the campus.

Learn How You Can Improve Internal Communication with DeskAlerts Network Messaging Software.

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Get Detailed DeskAlert's Reports to Help You Track Sent Notifications.

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Another key benefit of using DeskAlerts network messaging software is that it provides detailed reports and tracking methods so no one is left out of the loop. In other words, everyone is assured of getting critical messages and other important alerts, both accurately and in a timely manner. Additionally, the use of internal hosting or centralized data storage helps to improve the ease of creating back-ups while enhancing control and protection of them.

In closing, DeskAlerts network messaging is a fully-branded solution for maximizing productivity at every level of campus life while minimizing frustration.

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