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How to Create an Email Newsletter that People Will Want to Read

Although email newsletters are pretty common, they are actually some of the hardest communication solutions to do right. While you may have access to the best email newsletter software in the market, or even include in the most thought-provoking articles in the world, your audience is unlikely to want to read your content if you aren’t aware of the factors that make an email newsletter enticing to read.

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Here are some of the tips to look into if you want to create an email newsletter that people really want to read:

1. Determine whether or not you really need an email newsletter

Before you invest in an email newsletter software, make sure you actually need an email newsletter. If it isn’t the right marketing tool for you or if your employees are not particularly keen on reading them, it might just end up being a waste of your time. Make sure that an email newsletter will help you achieve your business goals – after all, communication in the workplace is not about communication for communication’s sake, but for the sake of achieving business objectives.

2. Figure out what kind of email newsletter you want to send out

The challenge with email newsletters is making sure that they are focused and that the content found inside support every aspect of the business. Make sure that there is a common thread that connects all the articles in the newsletter together.

Reduce the randomness of your email newsletter by keeping your focus on the goal. For example, if you want to keep your email newsletter employee-centric, make sure to only add in newsletters that

3. Make sure that your newsletter is 90 percent educational or entertaining, and 10 percent promotional

While you may want to talk about your company and the offerings you have majority of the time, it is important that you understand that your readers may not want to hear about those topics 100 percent of the time. They may want to hear from you, but they may tune you out if all you focus on is self-promotion.

An email newsletter software will help you create your email newsletter, but it is up to you to come up with content that will appeal to your readers. Instead of focusing on running your agenda, promote articles that are educational and entertaining majority of the time. Make your content timely and relevant. Include topics and issues that are relevant to your business, but are also important and interesting to your audience.

4. Make sure your subject lines garner interest

Even though your clients and employees may be subscribed to your email newsletter, they may not be enticed to open and read it if your subject line is boring and uncreative. Give your readers an incentive to open your newsletter and to read it. Even better and more vital – give them a reason to want to keep on looking forward to your email newsletter. Make sure your subject lines are interesting, creative and engaging.

5. Create a layout that is easy on the eyes

Creating an eye-catching layout with an email newsletter software is certainly easy and convenient. However, make sure to always have this in mind when creating your newsletter – keep your design and copy minimal.

When creating your email newsletter, you may be tempted to go all out when it comes to content and graphics; however, remember that people tend to go for copy that is concise and layouts that have enough white space or breathing room.

Keep copy concise. Most of your readers won’t have enough time to read long-winded and flowery content. If you feel that your content requires more than a few paragraphs in order to get your thought across, send your readers elsewhere such as a blog or website wherein they can consume the whole piece.

White space allows the newsletter to breath and prevents the newsletter from looking cluttered. It also makes your newsletter more mobile and easier to navigate.

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