Improve Sales and Customer Service Operations with Desk Alerts Network Messaging

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 12:12:26 PM

DeskAlerts network messaging is the perfect solution for retail corporations that use this great software to communicate with their sales and customer service departments effectively.

DeskAlerts Desktop Alert Software

Companies that employ outside salespeople as well as inside salespeople oftentimes have problems coordinating them so that everyone is on the same page according to what the corporation expects of them. In most cases, it is because they lack some type of network messaging system to coordinate that communication accurately and in a timely manner. Granted, they may have a customer relationship management (CRM) or a sales force management (SFM) system in place, but these do not always ensure good communication.

Identifiable Processes of Sales Force Management Systems

In most cases, there are four distinct processes that most sales force management and customer relation systems are based on:

  • Assignment of responsibilities for achieving sales goals and objectives.
  • Implementing control processes to ensure achieving goals and objectives within a constrained context (e.g. customers and target markets) or a specified time frame.
  • Setting goals, objectives and targets based on the input of a centralized command center or corporate headquarters.
  • System management capable of dealing with uncertain environments.

It’s not so much that a sales force management system cannot operate at all without network messaging as there are communication methods in place. However, the entire inside and outside sales force can operate more effectively, more efficiently and much faster with a network messaging system in place.

Coordinating with Customer Service and Information Systems

DeskAlerts Desktop Alert Software

Another area where a network messaging system is effective is by coordinating the sales force with the company customer service department. The primary benefit of using DeskAlerts network messaging is that it enables the information services department to coordinate sales operations with the customer service department. It also enables them to send out informative product information and pricing updates to the entire customer database quickly, easily and professionally.

The Impact of DeskAlerts Network Messaging on a Sales Force

Effective communication with a sales force is not solely about getting product updates out to a company’s sales personnel or keeping them appraised of important pricing information. It is an ideal way to ensure that they maintain company philosophies and values, as well as engaging and motivating them so that they stay productive. Additionally, effectively communicating with the sales force using DeskAlerts network messaging means:

-Communicating with every member of the sales force using secure communication channels (no VPN access required) gets important information out to all sales personnel no matter how remote their location is.

-Getting important information out to everyone by using quick and effective cut-through messaging that includes:

  • Deadline reminders
  • Product or service information updates
  • Updates on launching new products
  • Updates on the competition’s activities

-Repeating communications through multiple channels helps it to be understood quickly even though the average person needs to hear something up to five times before they fully understand it.

-Salespeople are able to collaborate with one another whenever necessary in order to share methods that bring them success.

-Two-way communicating by using desktop questionnaires or online forums will help gather important information.

-The target audience is easily recognized and is given clear, concise information.

-Using visual communication tools such as infographics in the form of screensaver messaging helps to convey important information, including:

Deadline reminders

  • FAQs
  • Incentives
  • Motivational messages
  • Policy reinforcement
  • Product offers
  • Product or service updates
  • Top achiever recognition
  • Sales advice or tips
  • Support and training

It is important to remember that salespeople typically have huge workloads, are too busy at times and tend to have short attention spans. This also means they do not have the time to deal with a constant barrage of e-mails. The bottom line is that DeskAlerts network messaging is a more creative and innovative approach to communicating effectively with a company’s sales force.

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Why Choose DeskAlerts Network Messaging System?

A company’s sales force as well as their customer service department both deal directly with clients and customers, making them two of the most critical components of the company’s daily operations. DeskAlerts network messaging helps a company’s sales force and customer service department improve business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships by providing them with the right information when it is needed.

Additionally, DeskAlerts network messaging can help a company improve their customer satisfaction levels two different ways:

-By communicating accurate and vital information as quickly as possible to every member of the sales force without pulling them away from contacting their clients or customers.

-By increasing customer satisfaction levels, efficiency and productivity because the entire sales force and customer service department is better informed, which translates into the client or customer receiving the most accurate information possible.

Most importantly, the DeskAlerts network messaging system is cost-effective and extremely efficient. This equates to improved customer satisfaction because the sales force and customer service department are better equipped to deal with the customer sales issues in a prompt and professional manner.
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