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The Corporate Wallpaper: A New Communication Platform

Anton Vdovin - Sep 22, 2017 2:02:28 PM

The corporate world is hectic, and employees are typically too busy to sit down and leisurely read through brochures and pamphlets. In order to effectively, quickly and easily relay important news and updates to its employees, companies have turned to different channels of communication – one of which is the corporate desktop wallpaper.

Through the utilization of the corporate wallpaper, an organization is able to manage and customize the screens of their employees, as well as to communicate with them and keep them up to date regarding relevant news about the company.

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Here are the features and benefits of a corporate desktop wallpaper program:

Communication. Communication between management and employees isn’t only quick and easy, it is also customizable. The said program can be accessed and used from anywhere. It can also be customized so that only a group, a specific individual or all staff members receive it. Messages are on the screen monitor so that they are impossible to miss.

Scheduling. Backgrounds can be scheduled to expire and change, depending on what management deems appropriate and timely. The wallpaper can also be set to go back to its original display once the recent display expires.

Tracking. A number of corporate wallpaper are able to track the history of messages when it comes to surveys, active messages, pop-up alerts, tickers, or even video alerts. This then can be utilized by staff members as a desktop alert.

Aside from the features and benefits mentioned above, a corporate wallpaper can also be utilized as:

A Desk Alert Wallpaper 

This type of corporate wallpaper program is able to publish messages on your screen monitor like what you would see on a bulletin board push-pinned with motivational words, announcements, news and updates, as well as notes regarding the culture, mission, vision and values of a company. Management can also choose who they want to send the wallpaper to.

Customizable and easily schedules and sequenced, this corporate wallpaper program enables management to show several screens and messages, as well as slideshows scheduled to change on specified intervals. Aside from being an effective tool to make announcements regarding new products and services, it also enables employees to keep up to date regarding the goings-on within the company.

With the ability to employ different image formats such as BMP, JPG, GIF or PNG, the said program is also able to send URLs.

Aside from being able to report the status delivery of messages, the program is also able to track and provide reports regarding the receipt of messages, which means that messages will not be disregarded, ignored or deleted.

Reminders and specific messages and information can be scheduled to be sent at specific times and dates. This means that no activity or even will proceed without relevant people knowing about them.

Desktop alert wallpapers can be flashed on digital screens for a better view.

As a Messaging Tool 

Utilized as ambient advertising, a corporate desktop wallpaper incorporates certain messages and values into employees since they will be viewed all the time. This then consequently influences the attitudes and behaviors of staff members.

Aside from giving management the ability to target employees who will be receiving particular corporate wallpapers, this medium can also be sequenced and scheduled to show various messages. These messages can be updated and modified anytime management deems it appropriate or timely to do so.

Message delivery is seamless with this program, and content will always follow the scheduled and specified time and date it is meant to be sent and it is meant to expire. New information that is published will always automatically appear on the screen monitors of recipients.

Easily managed and deployed, even remote employees can be communicated with through this messaging platform. A company’s marketing team or internal communications team can easily use this program when executing their corporate communication strategies.

Policy reminders, dashboards, notifications, worksite wellness initiatives, as well as breaking news and updates, work progress and product and service updates can also be published through our corporate desktop wallpaper program.

The utilization of a corporate wallpaper program may seem rather insignificant to some when it comes to the day-to-day operations of an organization; however, failing to tap into this simple and straightforward resource means that a business is missing out on the great opportunity to make employees more motivated, productive and satisfied. The program may be simple, but it ensures effective communication between management and employees wherever they may be.

See our on-line corporate desktop wallpaper program demo, and contact us today to request a quote.

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