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The DeskAlerts Survey Tool: When and Why You Need It

If you’re looking to increase employee engagement, reduce your staff turnover and maintain good relationships with internal and external clients, assessing the attitudes and perceptions of employees with a staff survey is essential.

A great tool to engage your staff

Many research studies have found that motivated and satisfied employees create higher levels of customer satisfaction, have increased productivity and profitability.

Surveys are a great tool to engage your staff: you can make employees feel as though their opinion matters to the organization, and this contribution can give a sense of ownership and responsibility.

[Top Five Ways to Improve Employee Survey Engagement]

Employees can also be surveyed to help better understand workplace dynamics, determine if there are training requirements.

But it’s not enough to just ask employees questions and then feel you’ve done your part for engagement. Feedback from employees should be included in meaningful change.

There are two main ways that employee surveys are carried out:

Annual survey

At the very least, you should survey your people once a year – even better is twice a year.

An annual survey, where you ask the same questions, gives you a good snapshot of where your organization is at a point in time. You can then benchmark the results of this survey with future surveys. Are you improving? Are you doing worse?

[Planning for an Employee Survey on Communication]

Pulse surveys

Employee pulse surveys are generally shorter surveys that are repeated at regular intervals.

Unlike longer, comprehensive surveys, they’re a good way to quickly get a snapshot of your workforce. They can be used to measure a range of different topics.

Occasions where pulse surveys are used include a follow up action from annual employee engagement surveys, measuring sentiment, or gathering feedback from employees about specific programs.

[Employee Survey: How to Generate Feedback From Employees]

Whichever type of survey you need to run, DeskAlerts can help you do the job.

DeskAlerts is an internal communications solution with a range of innovative uses. It lets you communicate with your entire workforce quickly and easily by sending pop-up notifications to your employees’ computer screens.

Messages appear no matter what software application they are using at the time, and they can’t be skipped or ignored.

[Internal Staff Survey Tool]

The application has an in-built surveys, polls and quizzes module that lets you quickly gather information from your employees and see the results in real time.

You are able to ask staff multiple questions and respond to multiple choice questions – or if you want more in-depth answers and not just basic data you can ask for additional information – such as asking staff to explain the reasoning behind their answers or provide comments and feedback.

[Guidelines and Sample Questions to Ask for an Internal Communication Survey]

The polls module lets you quickly create multiple choice question where staff answer based on choices you have predefined.

This is an effective way of quickly canvasing opinions such as what name a project should be given, when is a good time for a meeting or training or what training and education needs they have.

You can also use DeskAlerts to communicate the findings of your staff surveys and polls – again, straight to employees’ desktops – so they can be kept in the loop about their contribution to the company.

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