Improve Your Mass Notification System With DeskAlerts

Caroline Hamilton - Sep 11, 2017 5:33:15 PM

A mass notification system like DeskAlerts has many benefits to your organization because it can be used to send out time-sensitive information to a large audience in a way that cannot be ignored.

DeskAlerts mass notification

DeskAlerts is an internal communications tool that can be used for numerous purposes to ensure your employees are kept up-to-date with information. You can use it for just about any purpose: from sending out critical information during an emergency through to providing education and training solutions.

The DeskAlerts system is easy to use. Messages are delivered quickly to recipients, and you can send them utilizing multiple notifications channels to meet your specific needs. This can include desktop pop-up windows, screensavers, desktop backgrounds, email notifications, SMS messages, mobile alerts and more.

Instant alerts are sent to specified recipients requiring a user response. This means you can send to the entire company or to small groups of employees, or even individuals, depending on who you need to communicate with urgently.

Some of the most popular ways other companies are utilizing DeskAlerts include:

1.Notifying about system outages

Using DeskAlerts is an efficient way to communicate quickly with employees about scheduled and unscheduled IT systems outages.

When you know that your systems are going to be offline, you can send real-time mass notifications in advance to your employees’ desktops to let them know.

In the event of an unscheduled outage, you can keep staff up-to-date with a dedicated channel, advising of affected systems, anticipated restoration time and keep them informed of any developments as the issue progresses.

2. Notifying about emergency situations

There are many different emergency scenarios you might need to urgently communicate with your employees about. This can include natural disasters, severe weather events, fires, active shooters and even terrorism.

An example of the effectiveness of DeskAlerts is how it was used by our client, the hospital CHU Saint-Pierre in Belgium. During the March 2016 terrorist attack in Brussels, the hospital relied on DeskAlerts to deliver critical information quickly to mobilize the hospital’s response.

With around 2000 devices connected to the hospital’s network, DeskAlerts used to send targeted messages to selected users such as the emergency department, the operating theatres, pharmacy and intensive care to ready them for the casualties of the attack.

3. As a training and education tool

DeskAlerts can be utilized to deliver education solutions to your employees. From basic hints and tips to driving your employees to training modules, this is a tool that can target those who need training in specific areas, or to send out blanket information about new initiatives, programs, and protocols.

4. Communicating important announcements

When you need to let everyone in the organization know important information about the company, it can get lost in the mire when you send it via email or expect staff to proactively navigate your intranet site to check for updates.

DeskAlerts can send information about new company appointments, policies and procedures, inventory levels, even sharing your organization’s latest press release with employees.



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