Maximizing Your Corporate Notification System

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 5:21:44 PM

A corporate notification system is a combination of software and hardware that provides a means of delivering a message to a set of recipients. Mass Notification, at its most basic, is using technology to send a single message to multiple individuals.

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Such systems constitute an important aspect of modern Web applications; for instance, a notification system can send an e-mail announcing when a computer network will be down for a scheduled maintenance. This can be performed in various ways; phone, SMS, email, instant message, secure mobile apps, even via speakers on a factory floor, or as we discussed recently, via digital signage. Complicated notification systems are used by businesses to reach whenever necessary critical employees. Emergency notification systems may take advantage of modern information technologies.    Putting an effective mass / group notification system in place can provide multiple benefits to many types of organizations and their constituents, but does require some planning prior to implementation.

On theory, it might seem very basic it is actually very vital to the safety and welfare of the members. Would you imagine knowing that there is a typhoon, deciding to cancel work for the day, but still, half of your employees braved the storm, got sick, almost had their papers ruined by the weather, only to find out once they arrive that the operations are closed for the day? It could have been prevented should the company had a corporate notification system that alerted everyone before they wake up that there would be no work for the day.

If you still don’t have a corporate notification system at your office, here are reasons why you should immediately consider purchasing:

1. It keeps your staff safe and connected

Keep your staff informed and out of harm’s way. Whether you need to communicate weather warnings, office closures, or other emergencies, a corporate notification system can come in handy.

2. The flexibility of the tool can accommodate every employee

If you limit messages to only one sensory option, you could be missing those with hearing or visual limitations. A corporate notification system caters text messages, updates to digital signage, or computer programs that can read pop-ups to make sure everyone can hear and see emergency communication.

Once you already have a notification system in your office, it’s time to learn to utilize it wisely, and leverage it in such a way that it can solve existing problems. Here are some tips:

1. Centralize the cascading of notifications with the Human Resources Department. Most mass notification systems can interface with an active directory or LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) solution so you can manage single sign-on through your existing infrastructure. This eliminates duplicating users and managing logins from multiple lists.

2. You should also sync digital messages with your emergency management protocol by calling out key players from your general populace. Certain scenarios may dictate that emergency managers reach out to a particular contact or verify an action has been taken.

3. Make your messages clear, purposive, and short. The notification should be just that- a notification. Anything worth discussing in person should be discussed in person.

4. Streamline your database to make sure that employees only get the information or notifications that they need. Create separate lists for various departments or positions so the sending of messages would be purposive later on.

5. Closely manage your rapid-response list – your events, crisis management team, and other stakeholders that are responsible for the wellbeing of your employees.

6. Be clear whether any response is required from recipients. Some systems, for example, can automate message tracking so you know when a text or email has been opened or a call taken.

7. Avoid being redundant with the messages being sent since it will annoy the employees more than making them feel cared of.

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